The Morang South Primary School Netbook Program has been a highly successful program and we have seen a great improvement in student engagement. As part of the implementation, students engage and participate in many cyber-safety activities that teach safe use at home and at school. As a parent, consistent communication with the school throughout the program, is an important part of its success. Parents need to understand the responsibilities that apply to themselves and their children in regards to safe computer and internet use at home.

What you can do at home to help protect your children online:

  • SUPERVISE your children when they are using the internet daily.
  • Keep computers and other devices that access the internet out of their bedrooms and in a common family area where you can oversee their activity online. Have all products charge in the kitchen or a main common room – away from their bedrooms at night.
  • Ask your children to show you their favourite games and things to do online.  You might just learn   something from them and you will get a view into their world.  Play some of their online games with them.
  • Warn them of dangers they would not imagine.  Some children are trusting – they would not ever think of predators who could be waiting to harm them.  Make them aware!
  • Teach them to think for themselves.  As children become adolescents, we will not always be able to oversee our children’s internet use.  As they grow older, they will begin to use the internet at their friends house or the library or on their phones when we are not around.  
  • Prepare to be unpopular.  If you set the above boundaries be prepared for some battles.  It’s easiest to have no boundaries at all. Don’t go the easy route.
  • Use of the Netbook at school is governed by the MSPS eLearning Code of Co-operation. This is the            document that you received at the start of the year that you and your child, agreed to and signed,        acknowledging that your child will follow the agreement and live by the School Values.  Any                   inappropriate use of the internet is unacceptable and the eLearning Code of Co-operation will be          followed. If you would like another copy of this, please see your child’s classroom teacher.



What we are doing at MSPS to help protect your children online at home:

 As of week 7 (Monday 24th August) Morang South Primary School are trialling an internet safety filter that  limits the websites your child can access when using their SCHOOL NETBOOK at home. This will not work for other computers or devices at home. We will be  configuring the school netbooks to pass their internet traffic through the school’s Internet Service Provider ’Netspace’ which is  Department of Education filtered.  This will reduce the probability of your child accidentally accessing inappropriate websites significantly at home.




When your child’s netbook turns on and connects to your WIFI at home, their netbook will automatically    connect to the schools network. This means that websites that are blocked by the Department of Education that they cannot access at school they will now, not be able to access at home. 

There will not be any loss of internet speeds, because the school is connected via a high speed fibre internet link.  To take advantage of this increased internet safety students will need to restart their netbooks when they get home in order to use the service. *Teachers will ask students to ’SHUT DOWN’ their computer at the end of the school day. It may also take approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute, at home, to establish the connection initially.



PLEASE VISIT our Online Safety page on our school website: Click here


We have MANY resources to support you and your family.

You could also use the link below in your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) for an interactive activity to play with your children, to teach them about dangers online.


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