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On the 26th of June, we sent ten of our chess club players to Lalor Primary to compete in a regional primary school tournament. It was possibly the closest tournament we've ever competed in, with only a few points separating the top five. We were hovering between second and third for the entire day and eventually finishing third after having second pulled out from beneath us in the last round. This tournament also marked the first tournament we got to play with our new member, Jonathon, whom recently moved here from New Zealand. Our entire team finished in the top 45 out of 80, which is impressive in itself, on top of this nine out of ten players won more than half of their games. We did, however, have a couple of extreme standout performances. Our new member, Jonathon, finished second, not losing a game and only drawing two out of seven, landing him six points out of a possible seven. Then there was Alyssa, the girl who nearly didn't come to the tournament and performed only second to Jonathon on the day. She received three different medals - the third place medal—our entire team got for coming third, the best girl and the most improved. Overall, the entire day was enjoyable and about as thrilling as it can get for a school chess tournament. We were extremely impressed by our players performance and behaviour and are looking forward to the next tournament at the end of this term at Mill Park Heights Primary.


Rhys Gevaux




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Maths extension provides students additional  specialised Maths enrichment classes. Students work individually or in small groups and solve big problems, Algebra, code cracking and much more.


Children have a lot of fun, are challenged regularly and they certainly enjoy Maths.


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At our school, students have the opportunity to participate in instrumental lessons, such as learning guitar or drums.


Each week students have a lesson with a music teacher named Tom. He has had a lot of experience with Drums and Guitar.


A lot of our students also choose to participate in our keyboard program


Students learn music skills and many songs! At the end of the year students will compose a song and perform it at assembly.


Written by MSPS School Reporters