The English Program @ Morang South PS


The teaching of English at Morang South Primary School focuses on the demonstrated needs of the students. All children are provided with the opportunity and encouragement to achieve their potential in speaking and listening, reading and viewing, and writing. Features include:

  • Immersion in quality language experiences at all levels
  • Constant monitoring of student progress
  • Focussed teaching at each child’s instructional level: Guided Reading and Writing
  • Cooperative group based activities
  • Exposure to a variety of text types
  • Student focussed activities
  • Use of 21st century technologies and devises to support, challenge and enhance the learning of English skills
  • Making the learning a relevant, fun and exciting learning experience.


Additional Support

Whilst a comprehensive structured classroom program is provided in all levels across the school, from time to time, there are some students who benefit from some additional assistance. Our Literacy Intervention program provides identified students with specific teaching focus to aid in their development to become successful readers and writers.

Parental Participation

Parental participation is highly valued at all levels at Morang South Primary School. Parents are their child’s first and most influential teachers and are encouraged to continue to participate in their child’s learning.

We encourage the development of home- school partnerships in student learning, by providing ideas and developing a variety of opportunities for participation  both in the classrooms and at home.



Assessment and Reporting

Student learning is monitored through the use of formal assessment, personal and class goal setting and clearly stated learning intentions and success criteria. These provide support and scaffolding for students to build their learning.

Parents are encouraged attend 3 way Conferences, twice yearly, to discuss their child’s progress with their child and their teacher.




Home Reading

Children in Grades Prep-2 participate in a Home Reading Program. The students’ take home reading is matched to their current reading level so they can practise and improve on their reading skills.

Students in Grades 3-6 are expected to select independent reading material from a range of reading material available through the classroom, the library, municipal library and home. Such independent reading material may be fiction, non-fiction, novels, magazines or newspapers.

Reading on a daily basis is encouraged and positively reinforced at all levels.



The English program is further enriched and supported by our Library facility. Children attend one session a week and borrow books on a weekly basis. Guest authors and illustrators are part of our Library Program.

The library is well equipped so that children’s research skills are enriched by the use of books and technology.