The 2015 Information Communications Technologies (ICT) leaders are a group of four students that support students with ICT and edit the Morang South Primary School website. The ICT leaders also helped set up the grade 3/4 computers and have started working with Miss Barden on Web 2.0 tools.

The students part of the ICT Leadership Team are Indiana, Michael, Angelo and Ethan.L. 

Please use the links below to visit the pages the ICT Leaders created.

Click here to find out about our iPads 

Click here to find our about our 1:1 Netbook Program

Click here to see our report on Cyber-Safety @ MSPS

Use the link below to access another FANTASTIC Cyber-Safety resource.

Click here to see the Parent Resources page on Cyber-Safety.

Hi!  We are your 2014 I.C.T leaders.


From left to right there is Emily, Thomas, Peter and Grace.


This year the I.C.T leaders have been assigned 2 initial tasks.


One team will regularly update the calendar on our school website.


Did you know that your can update your mobile device calendar with our calendar?

When was the last time you looked at our calendar on the front page of our website?




Meanwhile, the other team is investigating technology in our school community. 


We have been very busy surveying the grade 3/4's and 5/6's about who owns Apple, Android or neither.

More coming soon....