School Captains 2017


School Captains 2017

Introducing our 2017 SCHOOL CAPTAINS!

Hello, my name is Ruby Failla and I have an Italian background. I also have 2 siblings, 2 pets and I am super excited to be the female School Captain for 2017. I think school captain requires a lot of responsibility which I think I can handle. I feel very confident and I love speaking in front of crowds. Being school captain is a huge opportunity and I’m really happy to have a chance to make a difference at Morang South Primary School. 


Hi, my name is Taylor Adams and I’m 11 years old. 

I like to play soccer and basketball. I am your male 

School Captain for 2017. I am really looking forward 

to taking on the different challenges this role brings. 

Introducing our 2017 SCHOOL VICE-CAPTAINS!

Hi, my name is Nika and I have been elected to be your school Vice-captain for 2017! I was so excited that I actually started crying! If you see me in the yard, come to me if you need any help!


Hi my name is Hayden Geddes, and I am 11 years old. I 

enjoy playing basketball, down ball and like building 

things in Minecraft. As you 2017 male school 

Vice-Captain. I am looking forward to being 

involved with many different aspects of our school. 

School Captains 2016






Hi my name is Georgia, and it is my great honour to say that I am your female school captain for 2016. I am 11 years old and I live with my Mum, my sister and my 2 dogs 2 birds. In my spare time I enjoy playing basketball, hanging out with friends and listening to music I have attended Morang South Primary School since I was in prep, and I believe I have always demonstrated our school values. I am honest, respectful and inspirer others. I have always taken advantage of the wonderful and accelerating opportunities here at MSPS. I am looking forward to a new challenges this year as School Captain. Please feel welcome at any time to approach me and help share new ideas to improve the school. 




Hi my name Braden Ferris and I am the 2016 School Captain.


I am 11 years old and my family is my mum, my dad and my 2 brothers. I have attended Morang South primary school since 2010. I was inspired by other school captains to continue the responsibility and honour.


I play multiple sports in my life which are Football(AFL), Cricket, Basket-Ball and Soccer. My Favourite sport is basketball and I have enjoyed it countless years. In my spare time I usually play sport, games or go exploring.


Altogether I’m looking forward to the year with you.



Hi, my name is Ella and it is a dream come true to be the female school vice-captain at MSPS. I am a resilient, enthusiastic, happy and bright student. I always encourage others to do the right thing and show personal and communal responsibility. I am always willing to take a challenge and to try new things. I am honest and respectful to the community around me.I have an interest in art and will always try to think outside of the box. My teachers are Mrs Delovski and Mrs Young and you can find me in home group 5.




Hi, my name is Charlie, it’s amazing to be Vice School Captain at MSPS. It has been a dream since I came here in grade 3.


I’m kind, caring and resilient. I honour the school values with pride and I take part in all school events. I encourage others to be active and caring bystanders, if someone needs help or support. I also think at cyber safety is important to learn. We are an eSmart accredited school.


I’m enthusiastic about learning and playing! We are a sun smart school. It is great because I know that I’m safe from the sun.


I’ll be shaving my hair for the Leukaemia Foundation in March. I’m very excited about it. I know getting respect is great but don’t forget to show respect.


I hope I get to meet all of the parents and students during the school year. 





George (Vice Captain), Emma  (Captain), Jonathon  (Captain), Mia  (Vice Captain)




Emma, Sebastian (from Telstra Westfield Plenty Valley Store) and Johnathon in our Maths Garden which is starting to take shape.





School Captains 2014



We were presented our leadership badges at a special whole school assembly on Monday 24th February.


Introducing... Jack


Hi my name is Jack and I am the male school captain for 2014.


I am fun and encouraging to others and very approachable when people need my support. I also help students when there hurt or sad. I show the school values most of the time and I am always willing to help others in need. I have attended Morang South Primary School since prep and loved every minute.  I’ve taken part in most school fundraisers and they are fun to be part of.


And these are the reasons why I was chosen to be the male school captain for 2014!!


Introducing... Jessie

Hi my name is Jessie, and it is my greatest privilege to say that I am you female school captain for 2014.


I am 11 years old and I live with my Mum, Dad, my sister and my brown Labrador. In my spare time I enjoy dancing, gardening, reading and watching reality T.V.


I have attended Morang South Primary School since I was in prep in 2008, and I believe I have always demonstrated our school values. I am trustworthy, reliable and kind-hearted. I have always taken advantage of the opportunities Morang South has given me such as being involved in Junior School Council and Student Voice. I am looking forward to a new challenge this year as School Captain.


Please feel free to approach me at any time at school.


Introducing... Ty

Hi, my name is Ty and I’m happy that I have the role of being school Vice-Captain of 2014.


I have been at Morang South for 6 years going into 7 and I have learnt a lot from fellow students and the help of teacher’s as well.


My leadership started when I chose to try and go for junior school council when I was in grade 4 and that helped me a lot with public speaking and being a good leader.


I am so grateful that I was the one who was granted the role of being School Vice-Captain and I can’t wait to see what my future holds for my last year of Morang South Primary School.



Introducing... Jessica

Hi my name is Jessica D’Intinosante and I am Morang South Primary School female school vice-captain for 2014.


I am very proud and happy that I got this position of responsibility as it is my last year of attending MSPS. I believe I will take on this role perfectly as I am very confident and I am friendly, honest, kind and caring.


I feel that I am a strong leader and the children of all ages can approach me without being nervous. I will always strive to follow the school values at all times.


 School Captains 2013



Hi my name is Grace and I am your female school captain for 2013. It is a great honour and privilege to be the Morang South PS school captain.


I am an enthusiastic person who loves to dance and play netball. I am also a friendly and very caring person and value the friendships I have. During my six years at Morang South primary school I have taken part in Junior School Council, Student Voice and tournament of the Minds. These have all helped me develop my leadership skills such as’ public speaking, being a positive role model and showing the school values. I believe that I am a reliable and honest person and I can handle all the responsibilities through the year of a school captain.


As school captain I would like to make sure everyone feels safe in the school environment by making sure there is no bullying because everyone deserves to be treated with respect. 


Hi, my name is Reece and I am happy that have the position of School Captain at Morang South Primary School for 2013!!


I have attended Morang South Primary School since Prep and during this time I have been an active participant in school activities such as the concerts, 3-4 and 5-6 camps, sporting events and excursions.


I have been on Junior School Council since Grade 4 and I have always worn my school uniform with pride at all times, and I always encourage other students to do the same. I feel that I am a capable School Leader and I always follow our values.


I make sure that I think of others with daily activities and consider other students feelings and try to help people around me. I always follow the school rules, and at all times believe I do the best to represent Morang South in the best way I can.


I understand that I would need to put quite a lot of my time into this role and I am happy to do so. I have attended the school for nearly seven years now and I think that I have already learned so much as School Captain from my fellow students and teachers to better myself and represented the school as best as I possibly can. I believe I am a good role model to my fellow students as School Captain.


Hi! I am Kristy and I am the female School Vice-Captain of 2013.

Being school captain means I have to be a good role model for the younger kids and to follow the school values at all times. When I think something is wrong, I won’t do it, I know I am responsible for my own actions. I will try my best in everything I do.


Hello, my name is Moheb and I am the school vice-captain. The reasons that I think I got the role of school vice-captain is that I show the school values at school and out of school, I am participating in most of the extra curriculum activities, excursions or incursions and I show respect to everyone.


About myself: My name is Moheb, I am 12 years of age, I have been at Morang South Primary School for two and a half years and all that time have met some great people that had helped me, starting from my friends to principal and assistant principal.


I think that I am a great school vice-captain because I think of everyone as my equal friend and treat them with respect. I am a great role model to all of the younger students and will be there whenever anyone needs a helping hand. No matter what happens I am sure that I will keep it under control with the help of the Principal or my fellow school captains. I am grateful to be your school vice-captain and I will not take it for granted.