House Captains 2016






Green House

          Yellow House

Blue House

Red House


Yellow House

Green House

Hi I'm Tonisha...


Hi I'm Jayde...



Hi I'm Elena...


Hi I'm Kobi


Red House

Blue House


Hi I'm Cooper...


Hi I'm Kaniesha...


Hi I'm Chase...


Hi I'm Jacqueline...




Hi my name is Bronte. I am so excited to be your Blue House captain for this year! I’m going to tell you about me. I am 11 years old turning 12 in February. I am a very athletic person and I love playing basketball. I also love spending time with my friends and family.


Hi, my name is Ben and I am the Blue House Captin for 2015. Iam in grade 6 and I love playing sport and representing our school. I think I will make a great Blue House Captain and lead Blue House to great success in 2015. As a House Captain I will be proud to represent the school and Blue House.






Hello my name is Lachlan and I am the male green house captain for 2015. I am very proud to be the green house captain for this year. I love playing sport especially cricket and footy. In all the school sport events I will encourage everyone in green house. I will never back down from opportunities.






Hello my name is Kelsea. I am 11 turning 12 in November in 2015.  I am the female Green house captain for this year, I’m kind and caring and love challenges that I face I also love to get involved and active.  The sports I do in summer are: athletics and karate. The sports I do in winter are: football, cross-country, karate.


The things I do as a house captain is: I set up 5/6 sport with all the other house captains, open or close the school gates, put on some lunch time activities and also help with our school fundraisers.  







We were presented our leadership badges at a special whole school assembly on Monday 24th February.



 Hi, my name is Isabelle. I am SO excited to be Blue House Captain this year! I’m going to tell you about me!


I am 11 years old turning 12 in May. My favourite subject in school are art and English. My favourite sport is netball! I love spending time with my friends and family in my spare time. 

I am excited to have this opportunity this year!



Hi my name is Alex! 

I love football I’ve trained at a club called Morang South Junior Football Club. We made the semi-finals but then sadly lost by 1 point.


I am so excited to be your male blue house captain for 2014 at MSPS.








Hi I’m Chelsea and I am your female Red House Captain for 2014. Some of my favourite things to do are play basketball, have fun with friends and family and dancing.  

I love sport and my favourite sport is Basketball.




Hi my name is Christian and I am your male Red House Captain for 2014. I became a House Captain because I have a passion for sport, my favourite sport is soccer.


When it comes to athletics carnival, swimming carnival and walkathon I love encouraging the people in red house and cheering them on, and red house always because they are the best house! GO RED HOUSE!!!







Hi! We are Jimmy and Alyssa your Green House Captains for 2014.


Jimmy’s hobbies are Cricket Footy Basketball spending time with his friends and watching T.V.


Alyssa’s hobbies are athletics, Cricket, Footy and watching T.V.


We both love representing Morang South primary school.


If anyone needed help at school... You could come to one of us.











Hi my name is Josh I am the 2014 male Yellow House Captain of MSPS.

I love sport and my favourite sport is Basketball




  Hi my name is Prerna and I am the female Yellow House Captain of M.S.P.S.


  I like 7 different sports such as Volleyball, Netball, Tennis, Gymnastics, Swimming, Dancing and Cricket.









 House Captains 2013





Ryan & Olivia


Green House

We got spirit yes we do

We have spirit, how ‘bout you?

We got spirit, yes we do

We have more spirit than you.

Green house is number 1.

We will always have some fun!



 Caitlyn & James


Charlotte & Matthew


Tiana & Joshua


Red House

Ready set! (clap, clap)
Let's go! (clap clap)
We're here to show! (clap)
and we wanna see some spirit! (clap clap)
So let's hear it! (clap clap)
Let's go red house, let's go! (clap 3x)

Let's go red house, let's go! (clap 3x)

Let's go red house, let's go! (clap 3x)


House Captains 2012

 Yellow Captains:Shaylee & Luc


 Yellow Vice: Brody & Chloe


 Green Captains: Joel & Emily


 Green Vice: Jessica & Brandon


 Blue Captain: Mikieli


 Blue Vice: Tara


 Red Captains: Paul & Natasha


 Red Vice: Tahlia & Jesse


House Captains 2011


 Red Captains: Dylan & Cara


 Red Vice: Jack & Jenna


 Blue Captain: Christian & Brittany


 Blue Vice: Jesse & Amy


 Yellow Captains: Mitchell & Chelsea


 Yellow Vice: Luke & Brooklyn


 Green Captains: Tiana & Billy


 Green Vice: Hannah & Simon



Our thoughts:

"It is an honour to hold this position for my last year at this lovely school."

"I'm really happy with my position of responsibility. It is something I will enjoy and I love the challenge!"

"I take pride in wearing my badge!"   and  "I am a leader that is responsible."

"As a leader I live by the school values and set a good example."

"One of our responsibilities is to set up activities for grades 5/6 sport."

"We have helped with Cross Country and the Walk-a-thon." and  "Sometimes we help the PFA with fundraising activities."

"I am a hard worker and good at most sports, that's why I am great for this position."

"I think being a leader is fun because you get to listen to other people's ideas and you can proudly represent your school."