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2015 School Reporters Photographers



Caley Alicia                                      Mia    Dizzy


Hi my name is Caley and I am a school reporter for 2015. I am a very responsible person and I am a very good writer and I can’t wait for the year ahead of reporting. I am aiming to do the best reports that I can do. I am really looking forward to being a 2015 reporter.


Hi my name is Alicia, and I am one of the school reporters for 2015. I love being able to research and get information on my fellow peers. One of my goal for this year is to make my school proud and do the best reporting I can. Thank you!!


Hi my name is Mia. This year I am one of the school photographers. I like being one of the photographers because at home I love to take photos for my family.


Hi my name is Dizzy. This year I am one of the school photographers. You will see our photos in the newsletter and on this website.

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Maddison (Reporter), Haylee (Reporter), Alannah (Photographer)


My name is Maddison. I am one of the school reporters I was really excited this year to get this position.

Being the reporter is a fun thing you get to ask people questions and find out about the topic you are reporting on. I think as a reporter you need to be able to write detailed sentences and have a lot of enthusiasm in what you do.

You need to have courage to talk to people. Many people think I write detailed sentences if I am writing a story or even about my weekend. I was also really excited to get a badge this year.

This year I am really looking forward to being one of the reporters and I think I will enjoy it.


Hi my name is Haylee. I am also the school reporter. I was really eager to get this position when it first came to the school. When I heard that I had got an interview with th Assistant Principal, I was wondering what she would ask me and I wanted to know what other students had already been interviewed.

I think being a leader is very important because children might need help so we are always there to help them and give them information. So that is why I chose to be a leader of 2013.  


Hi I my name is Alanah. I am the school photographer for 2013.

It is really important to me to be photographer because it gives me an option for when I get older to make something with my life. It is also important because high schools are looking for interesting things about what you do. Being photographer shows the value of cooperation and skill it is very important to get a lot of photos and have a lot of ideas so you can choose the right photos. I applied to get this leadership position. When I walked into the Assistant Principal’s office I showed her some photos that I took and she loved them!  I was so happy. I love being a leader for 2013 and I am so honoured to be school photographer.  




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2012: Brooke Jesse 



Hi, I am Jordyn. I am the school News Reporter for 2011!

My job consists of going to school events and writing about them. Then all of my reports go in the fortnightly School Newsletter: 'Gorge News'

It is a lot of fun and it's always enjoyable to report events to you!



Hi, I am Sabrina. I am the school Photographer for 2011!

I take photos of the weekly 'Stars of the Week' at our whole school assembly. I also take photos at school fundraisers and special events.

So don't forget to smile!