Office Monitors


Erin, Laura, Dizzy, Elizabeth, Taylah, Kellie, Chloe, Rose, Jordan, Bentley and Alannah.

Office Monitors 2014

Hi we are the office monitors for 2013.


It is a great privilege to be the Morang South Primary School Office Monitors and school leaders in 2013.

We all enjoy the role of office monitors. We answer phones, collect mail, sort out lost property, help parents and many other jobs.  Pairs are rostered on one day a week.


Monday- Haylee and Emily

Tuesday- Kiara and Olivia

Wednesday- Tiana and Laura

Thursday- Grace and Haylee

Friday- Alanah and Caitlin


Sometimes it is really busy. Other times it is really quiet.  We always find a way of getting the job done and having fun. We are always mature in the office because we know that if an adult walks in we are their first impression of Morang South Primary School.                                     





Previous  Office Monitors 



“I enjoy doing my job! It makes me feel responsible and proud that I got chosen to do this leadership role”



 Our responsibilities:



* Answer the school phones and record the phone messages


* Help students, parents or members of our community who are waiting at reception


* Collect  the mail


* Sort and organise student notes that need to go home


* Help children into sick bay


* Sort and organise lost property


* Make announcements across the whole school on our school PA system



 Our thoughts:

“It’s important to follow the school vales when being an office assistant because it’s important for us to be positive role models when representing our school”

“Being an Office Assistant gives me an opportunity to show more confidence, help the younger students and practise public speaking in preparation for the future.”