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The Prep area is caring and nurturing. We have a vibrant atmosphere where children can learn happily. During our school day we offer stimulating programs in Literacy and Numeracy where children work in groups with children of similar abilities so that they are challenged to reach their full potential. As part of our Integrated curriculum the children are involved in Brain Gym, Science and Technology Platoons, the Perceptual motor Program as well as Art, Library, P.E., Performing Arts and Italian. During the year the children experience incursions and excursions to complement our curriculum. We have a Prep Breakfast at the end of the year as an introduction to the camping program.







Prep classes had lots of fun celebrating their 100th day at school!


The 100th day of school is more than just a milestone worth noting - it's the perfect time to have fun with the number 100.


While celebrating, they even popped 100 balloons!!!

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Term 2, 2014

Goldilocks and the Three Bears - making dough bears

Baking ANZAC biscuits




Term 1, 2014

Learning about our value of Respect





 Easter Bonnet Parade