Grade 1/2


Athletics Day


The Year 1/2 students are learning about our community and how it has changed throughout the years. We went and visited the old Morang South Primary School building and looked at the differences and similarities between the old building and MSPS as we know it. The students loved hearing all about school in the 'olden days' and are interested in learning more about the past.

Grade 1/2 Staff 2015

 HG3: Leanne Nicholls (P/1) HG10: Lynette Cartisano (1/2) HG21: Debbie Cullen (1/2 Team Leader) HG22: Brooke Munn (1/2) HG23: Chantelle Armet (1/2) HG24: Vanesa Trpcevski (1/2)


Rethink Your Drink!

The Year 1/2 students are learning about making healthy choices. We have looked at the sugar content of different kinds of drinks. Water is definitely the best choice to make!  




The Grade 1/2 students visited PIT Gymnastics as part of our 'Healthy Living' unit



 Keeping fit and healthy at MSPS



Fun in the pit


We've taken eating healthy fruit to another level... thanks to our awesome parents of course! Check out this fruit shark!












Reading Share Time - Our grade 1/2s share stories with their peers and develop reading aloud strategies in our school library



CLICK HERE to access the grade 1/2 term 4 newsletter 



As part of our Integrated Studies unit this term, the Grade 1/2s attended a professional puppet play performance and workshop. CLICK HERE to check out some of the awesome puppets created by the students on the Don't Move Puppet Theatre website!





Character Dress Up Day 2014


The grade 1/2s loved dressing up as book characters for Book Week.






cfa old school title


As part of our Integrated Studies unit on ‘Our Community’ we have been looking at local history features as well as resources in our community that help keep us healthy and safe.


We were really excited to go on a walking excursion to our old school site (now located in Heritage Lakes) and the CFA.


kids in front of old school


The old bluestone building is heritage listed and cannot be altered in any way


inside the old school


We took a tour inside to discover that schools in the olden days look very different to schools today. We are so lucky!


fire truck photo 


We learnt so much from the volunteers at the CFA.

Get down low and go, go, go!




Even the teachers had fun! Go Ms Laidlaw!!!


post box


On the way home we stopped by the post box to post our letters inviting our grandparents or special friends to Education Week! We can't wait! 




 Market Day

We loved visiting the grade 5/6 stalls on Market Day at our school. We counted our money and decided what we could buy.

We had so much fun! Thank you to all of the parents who came along.


market day




market day2