Grade 5/6

Welcome to 2017 5/6

The teachers for this year are:

HG 1- Hayden Wardrop (Team Leader)

HG 9- Rachel Young and Rebecca Delovski

HG 15- Stephanie Tigani

HG 17- Ellen Milankovic



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Welcome to 2016 5/6

The teachers for this year are:

HG 5- Rachel Young and Rebecca Delovski

HG 11- Stephanie Tigani

HG 13- Hayden Wardrop (Team Leader)

HG 17- Mel Bell and Mel Tollit

CAMP 2017

Our Portsea Camp is not too far away- week 3 of Term 1!

Why not get ready over the holidays- click here to access the clothes checklist

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           Camp is around the corner!!

Date: Tuesday 19th to Friday 22nd of April

Have a look at the amazing camp and some of the activities we will be participating in on their website below:


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important dates for t2 


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Welcome to 2015 5/6

The teachers for this year are:

HG 5- Marg Eames and Rachel Young

HG 7- Hayden Wardrop (Team leader)

HG 11- Stephanie Tigani

HG 17- Mel Bell and Mel Tollit




Week of:

13th   July

 African   Drumming Wednesday 15th

20th   July

T-Ball District   Competition Tuesday 21st

African   Drumming Wednesday 22nd

27th   July

African   Drumming Wednesday 29th

The NED show Thursday 30th

 3rd   August

African   Drumming Wednesday 5th

Jump Rope Day   Thursday 6th

Volleyball   Friday 7th  at The Lakes

10th   August

 African Drumming Wednesday 12th  

Tony Bones   Theatre Friday 14th

Book Week   Incursion Friday 14th

17th   August

Book Week

24th   August

District   Athletics Tuesday 25th

31st   August

Hooptime Friday   Sept 4th Mill Park Stadium

14th   September

 Division   Athletics Tuesday 15th

3 Way   Conferences Wednesday 16th


This term, the grade 5/6’s will be completing the eSmart Digital Licence Program.

It is an online challenge combining quizzes, videos and games, designed to prepare Australian children (aged ten and over) to be smart, safe and responsible digital citizens. Children will complete eight learning modules that evaluate their comprehension of key technology and cyber safety topics, and equip them with the knowledge and skills they require to learn, play and socialise online.

Information about these modules can be found from clicking on the links below:

Module 1 Click here

Module 2 Click here

Module 3 Click here

Module 4 Click here

Module 5 Click here

Module 6 Click here

Module 7 Click here

Module 8 Click here



Well done to all those 5/6s who got dressed up in their favourite book character. Well done!

















important dates for t2 Tuesday 12th May-                           NAPLAN

Wednesday 13th May-                     NAPLAN

Thursday 14th May-                          NAPLAN

Friday 15th May-                                5/6 Netball at Whittlesea PS, Footy is at Whittlesea Football ground, which is on Whittlesea/Kinglake Rd. 9:30am start

Monday 18th  to Friday 22nd May- Education Week

Tuesday 19th May-                            Italian Fiesta Day

Tuesday 19th May-                            Maths Game Evening (6:30-7:45)

Wednesday 20th May-                      Italian Incursion 

Friday 22nd May-                                Family Classroom Visit (2:35-3:20pm)

Monday 25th May-                              Memory Box Projects due

Tuesday 26th May-                             Cross Country Trials, PFA special lunch 

Thursday 11th June-                          Memory Box Presentations for Family (9:15-10:15)



Click here for a copy of the Memory Box Project!!                 

Well done to our school leaders Emma, Jonathan, George and Mia for running the ANZAC Day ceremony. You did a fantastic job!


anzac day grade 6





Well done to our fantastic grade 5/6's who came dressed in their PJ's- raising money for the State School Relief!


important dates for t1

Monday 16th Feb-                                   District Swimming

Tuesday 17th Feb-                                   5/6 Parent Information night

Tuesday 17th and Thursday 19th Feb-   Hockey Clinics

Tuesday 3rd March-                                 Whole School Photos

Monday 9th March-                                   Labour Day Holiday

Tuesday 10th to Friday 13th March-        5/6 CAMP Campaspe

Wednesday 18th March-                           Interschool Chess Tournament

Friday March 20th-                                    5/6 Leadership Day

Monday 23rd March-                                 5/6 T-Ball Tournament

Tuesday 24th March-                                Student Led 3-way Conferences

Friday 27th March-                                    End of Term 1!



5/6 Camp is around the corner...

Dates: Tuesday 10th to Friday 13th March

PGL Campaspe Downs

Located on the outskirts of the Macedon Ranges, close to Kyneton and an hour’s drive from Melbourne, PGL Campaspe Downs is set amid 160 acres of natural bushland.


Some possible activities the children will be participating in are:

Giant Swing



Leap of Faith


Open Canoeing




Low Ropes


Flying Fox

Important Info:

Arrival at school: 8:15am Tuesday March 10th

Depart school: 9:00am sharp

Return: Friday 13th March at approximately 3:00pm


Click here to get the camp clothes checklist:


 Click here to get the camp outline:


Click here to acces the website!!

** Only 6 days until camp!!!

You can access our 5/6 camp blog if you click here.





Well done to our fabulous 5/6s who participated in our 'Crazy Hair' Day! What a fantastic effort!






2014 Grade 5/6

The teachers for 5/6 this year are:

HG 7- Hayden Wardrop (team leader)

HG 5- Marg Eames and Rachel Young

HG 9- Mel Bell and Mel Tollit

HG 11- Stephanie Tigani


The unit for Term 2 is- Australian History

March 2014: Lady Northcote Camp (YMCA)

Set in the picturesque Rowsley Valley, the Lady Northcote Recreation Camp is a one hour drive from the Melbourne CBD, close to Bacchus Marsh.

See more at:

Mrs Jones and Mrs Young had a lovely afternoon visiting our campers on Wednesday 19th March. The staff, parents and most of all the students were having a WONDERFUL time!



For more photos...

Please visit our 5/6 CAMP BLOG:

2013    Grade 5/6


Our teachers:

Debbie Cullen (team leader)

Marg Eames

Rachel Young


Important Dates:

March 6th    

Excursion   to parliament House and MCG Sports Museum

March 11th  

Labour   Day

March 14th  

Impact   leadership day



Student need-

Drink bottles

  • Runners for sport and PE
  • Hats, worn properly, term 1 and Term 4
  • Sandwiches/ rolls or fruit for first lunch (recess)
  • To charge computers every night



Newsletter: Term 1

Welcome back! We hope everyone had a great holiday. The year has started very smoothly. Everyone, teachers and students, seem very settled and have started to set up the routines and practices that are going to set the standard for the year to come.


As you would be aware, the student leadership positions were filled at the end of 2012, and the school and house captains and vice captains have now been presented with their badges and are busy fulfilling the many aspects of their roles. The selected leaders are a credit to themselves and their families, having stepped into the role with enthusiasm, demonstrating the school values confidently in everything they do and being positive role models for everyone.


We have met with the students and discussed their roles as leaders, stressing to them that they are the senior students of the school and the ones that many in the lower grades look up to, to set the example through their attitude and actions. As the school has a strong set of values we believe students have a model to set them up as leaders both within our school and in the broader community.


During the first 3 weeks of the term all classes will be setting up their routines, processes and expectations for the year. As a part of this the school values will be revisited and the concepts of communal and personal responsibility investigated. For the grade 5/6 students, we have postponed writing classroom agreements until later in the term as this process fits perfectly with our government unit and the writing of a classroom constitution.


During this term we will be investigating the parliamentary system, the three levels of government and the key functions of each. This unit is part of the curriculum area of Civics and Citizenship. We will also be setting up classroom parliament, with parties, voting and the various leaders that are linked to the parliamentary system. At the end of the term we propose having a day where the selected “party” and officials will run the whole day. The selected party will have been selected based on the “policies” they present to the class. We believe the unit is exciting and will give the students some insight into the way parliament is elected and operates.

We have organised an excursion to Parliament House on Wednesday, March 6th. On this occasion the students will have a guided tour through the houses of parliament and get to sit in the seats of the elected politicians. We are also going to the MCG Sports Museum on that day.



Throughout the term the students will be working on many tasks which will go towards the development of a Digital Portfoliothat will exemplify their achievements throughout the term.

Please ensure that you take the opportunity to look at your child’s netbook, and have them show you the many task boards that have been set up to add a further dimension to their learning.

It is essential that students charge their computer every night and bring their computer to school each day. This is a tool for their learning and is equally important as having pens, pencils and books to write in.


Homework will be sent home every Monday and needs to be completed and returned to school each Friday. The tasks should be able to be completed with little or no parent involvement and will relate to the classroom program where practical. There will be a Friday homework club for students who choose not complete these tasks.


Reading. Student are expected to read for at least 2 ½ hours each week. This reading needs to be recorded in the following manner

Book title, No of pages read,Time read

At the end of each week, we would encourage parents to sign off your child’s reading so that this is being monitored at home and school. At times your child’s teacher will be providing specific texts to be read and other times we will be encouraging them to be independent in their choice of books from the library (local and school).


Letters/ notes

Please ensure that you read these so that you know exactly what is happening at school- this is for your child’s benefit!

All notes will be sent home once, if they are misplaced they will be available on the school website for them to print out another copy either at home, or if inaccessible, at school.



We are all here to support your child and their education. If at any time you have a concern please contact your child’s teacher to discuss the issue before it becomes bigger than it may otherwise be.



2012  TERM 4 

This term we will be focusing on the exploring, designing, creating and evaluating elements of technology. Under this umbrella we will be exploring the processes involved in building billy carts, this will culminate late in the term with a “Great Race” where the students will have a chance to race against others in the class and other grades. This unit also focuses heavily on the development of team work and interpersonal skills. The students will need to work closely in teams, not only on their billy carts, but also making other items that will help them on their race day.