Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal

Hi everyone,

We aim to make our new website a meaningful, timely and an economical way for the school to communicate with our school community.

There are two major benefits of our new site. Firstly, we control it. We have access to the back end of the site and we can upload and change all the content, forms, notices and photos at will. This means our website has become a very dynamic, constantly changing, up-to-date source of information for all things happening at the school.

Secondly, our new website now has the ability to generate sponsorship funds if enough people visit the site. It’s a lot like the newspaper world. The more people that see the advertisers message, the more money the publisher can earn. The fundraising dollars we can earn are tied directly to the number of page views our website receives and the sponsors we have on our site. The school has total control over which sponsors are represented on our site. What is a page view? It’s simply a way of measuring how many times our website is viewed by our community.

We need you to make the school’s website your homepage on as many computers as possible, at home, school and work! It’s very easy to do, LOOK now at the top right hand corner and click the orange ‘Make this my Homepage’ button.


Aside from the fundraising, our new website has many wonderful and useful features including:

•       Constantly changing news and articles about your school.

•       Subscribe to our newsletter and read it online

•       Forms – Canteen price list, Uniform Shop order form, etc

•       3 day weather forecast

•       Event Calendar so you can see what’s coming up

•       Google – search the school website or search the web

We hope you support our school’s website and if you have any ideas or feedback on the content that you would like to see on the site please let Mrs Young know.


Please remember to make  homepage!

Kind regards,

Sandi Young

Assistant Principal