Our School Values

Our School Values


Teaming for success. Striving for excellence












 Treating everybody and everything with consideration and courtesy


 Gaining knowledge, skills and understanding through endeavour and experience


 Confidently relying on someone believing they will make the appropriate choices for both the individual and the group

 Being truthful, sincere and open so others can trust you

 Showing concern for others and being thoughtful and understanding of their feelings

 Being fair towards and accepting of other people’s beliefs, differences and opinions

 Working together towards a common goal and being able to work and act positively with others

This means


 Caring about myself, others and the environment

 Knowing and understanding more

 Doing the right thing and having faith in others

 Your thoughts, words and actions reflect what you say or do

 Thinking with the heart.

 Finding ways of allowing for and celebrating differences

 Working together to get the job done










This happens when

 I interact positively with others

 I am loyal to and supportive of my community

 I show courtesy to everyone – using manners.

 I treat others the way I wish to be treated

 I am   responsible for  my own property

 I am careful with the property of others

 I take care of the environment

 I have a positive  and resilient approach to life



I reflect on my learning

I ask questions

I focus on ideas and tasks

I learn from mistakes

I try to solve problems

I take responsibility for my learning

I help others to learn

I allow others to learn

I use my learning in different ways

I celebrate my learning

I  take risks  and challenge myself with my learning

I apply myself to my learning

I persevere to achieve my goals


I can be relied upon


I act in a responsible manner


I make appropriate choices


I have faith in others


Others have confidence in my choices







I tell the truth


I take responsibility for my actions


When I am honest, I feel clear inside.


I encourage others to be truthful


I acknowledge others when they are truthful


I demonstrate my honesty by my thoughts, words and actions


I truthfully report the words and actions I am concerned about







I consider the feelings of others


I am supportive


I am kind and considerate


I am forgiving


I am understanding


I treat others the way I wish to be treated


I think before I speak and act


I show appreciation for the care I receive


I acknowledge other’s work and efforts


I accept and respect other’s differences and beliefs


I value and listen to opinions


I do my best to get on with others


I am patient


I treat others equally


I see each person I meet as a unique being


I stay calm in difficult situations






I contribute positively to the team


I consider other’s ideas


I support others


I share the load – knowledge, skills and responsibility


I use time wisely


I stay on task


I take turns


I encourage others


I am willing to negotiate and compromise


I can be a leader and a participant